The Chocolate

The Best Chocolate You’ve Ever Tasted!

Pure & simple, yet rich & luxurious, SiriuS Chocolate is
handmade in Austin, TX
with the utmost respect
for planet Earth. Sourced Sustainably from within healthy
, SiriuS Chocolate supports biodiversity for future
generations. The growers are able to add value to the cacao
in a co-operative processing center before selling it above
Fair-Trade prices. Indulge in SiriuS Chocolate guilt free,
while savoring all the health benefits of raw anti-oxidants!

We start with Truly Raw Cacao, which has 5 times as many
antioxidants as dark chocolate that’s been roasted.

We then add Coconut Sugar, not only for its low-glycemic
sweetness and mineral content, but for its delicious malty flavor.
Next, we add the highest quality Vanilla on the market
and a pinch of Himalayan Mineral Salt.

We then slowly Stone-Grind the chocolate overnight at
low temperatures
, to give it the silky smooth texture
true chocolate connoisseurs seek
. This process is known as
conching, a trade secret discovered by a Swiss chocolate maker
in the 1800's. The chocolate is then tempered, poured into molds,
wrapped and packaged completely by hand.

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